Perfecting the vertical jump is the thing that helped basketball icons such as Lebron and Jordan earn a lot of fame and build legacies for themselves. In basketball, the capacity to jump high is a must have for anyone seeking to perform even the most basic dunk. 

Well, that is a no-brainer, but for most of my players, it used to be that vertical jump was their biggest limitation on the court. They basically could not get sufficiently high off the ground. To some of them, the situation was so serious that they gave up perfecting their vertical jump and focussed on improving other aspects of their game. Hoping that impressing fans with 3 pointers and impressive hit ratios would be enough draw the fans attention away from their inability to jump high. 

However, basketball is a game that requires players to be well trained. True, every great player has his or her unique skill or talent, but vertical jump is something in the line of basketball fundamentals. You don't have to be able to slam the ball into the rim like Blake Griffin does, but any good player needs to have a chance at it when playing under the rim. With this knowledge at heart, the team set out seeking a solution. We trained hard following ideas on how to boost the vertical jump. We made some progress, but not much. Then I found Vert Shock by Adam Folker and we gave it a try. The results were impressive. 

But what is Vert Shock? 

It is an award winning vertical jump training system developed by Jus Fly (Justin) and Adam Folker. The system has been tailored to help athletes perfect their vertical jump. The program promises, and it does deliver on its mandate, to improve an athlete's vertical jump by 9 to 15 inches in just 8 weeks. In short, Vert Shock will have you dunking in no time.

This is a pretty strong guarantee, and as a basketball coach for more than 8 years, I don't believe in magic solutions and fairy tales, but this did not keep me from trying it out because the guys who developed it, Justin and Folker, are very famous. They would not waste their time to build a shitty product, leave alone put one in the market. 

How it works 

Vert shock is broken into 3 phases and information for each of the phase comes in form of videos and guides that the user can easily access online. It is designed to be an 8 weeks program. 

In the first phase which is called Pre-Shock, you will increase you jump by 3-5 inches. The stage lasts for 7 days and is designed to prepare your body for the workout that is to start. 

Phase 2 is called Shock-Phase, which spans over 6 weeks and aims to literally shock the central nervous system and stimulate body muscles to respond blazingly fast in order to generate those high explosion jumps. 

The last phase is called Post-Chock, and it simply seals in your acquired gains by making your body muscles accustomed to the quick neurological response.